Brent “Spillly” Spilkin, CEO Growing Pains Business Consulting



  1. The backstory behind Brent’s exploration into the world of freelancing [3:52]
  2. The definition of a “freelancer” [9:41]
  3. Insights to the global growth of the freelance market [12:03]
  4. The cultural drivers that are driving the freelance market in SA [17:07]
  5. The barriers to entry for a freelancer [19:09]
  6. The “freelance bank” opportunity [22:45]
  7. Why the freelance market can compete with major corporates [25:21]
  8. The future of the big agency network capabilities [28:19]
  9. The “glue” that is going to bring the global freelance market together [30:50]
  10. Why freelancers are going to disrupt the big agency network business model [33:06]
  11. The migration of ex-agency executives to major clients  [37:50]
  12. How a single platform can disrupt the big agency space [40:31]
  13. How freelancers can help small businesses grow [43:05]
  14. Recommendations for the South African government to help grow small businesses [45:19]
  15. The launch of “What the Freelance” and insights into SA’s self-publishing industry[49:48]
  16. Some interesting business ideas for Spillly’s book [54:38]

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