Gil Oved (Co-CEO The Creative Council) & Romeo Kumalo (CEO Washrika Holdings)



  1. The greatest lessons their fathers ever taught them [4:28]
  2. Why entrepreneurs can fix South Africa’s economy [7:15]
  3. Insights into the current state of South African entrepreneurship [10:04]
  4. How to catepault South Africa’s ecosystem forward [18:13]
  5. Fixing South Africa’s educational system [26:40]
  6. Why corporate South Africa does not have a partner [34:17]
  7. Can entrepreneurship be taught? [36:41]
  8. How you can stay motivated as an entrepreneur [43:16]
  9. Making decisions and taking opportunities [52:05]
  10. The time machine question – advice they would give themselves as 20 year olds [54:57]
  11. Why Romeo and Gil do what they do [58:37]

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