Howard Mann – President, Brickyard Partners



  1. The Struggle [1:16]
  2. What Howard does as a turn around specialist [4:14]
  3. Why business owners need to work with turn around specialists [10:09]
  4. The benefits of not taking on an investor as an entrepreneur [15:01]
  5. What to look for when taking on an investor [18:42]
  6. How business turn around specialists fix businesses [24:46]
  7. How to change the strategic direction of a business [27:14]
  8. Lessons from Howard’s exit from his logistics business [39:51]
  9. How to shift your perspective about change as a business owner [42:20]
  10. Advice for entrepreneurs who have lost their passion for running their business [46:32]
  11. How to sell and exit your business [50:10]
  12. Howards why as an entrepreneur [1:00:03]

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