Jedd Myers, COO Health Insite



  1. Insights into the Health Insite’s dedicated executive care testing centre [3:37]
  2. From urology doctor to entrepreneur health activist [4:54]
  3. Insights into the South African healthcare industry [10:22]
  4. Personal stories that represent the current poor state of South African health care [13:10]
  5. Insights into who is ultimately responsible for South African health care [20:19]
  6. The critical importance of “entrepreneur health” [23:01]
  7. Coping mechanisms and increasing entrepreneur performance [27:59]
  8. The impact of executive deaths on company stock prices [31:36]
  9. The Exec-Care process (6 hours of in-depth testing) [34:31]
  10. The fallacy of great entrepreneur health [37:12]
  11. Why rewards in health care work [40:46]
  12. What entrepreneurs can do to manage their health [42:25]
  13. Rapid fire questions [45:50]

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