Ryan Sauer – CEO Punk Media




  1. Ryan’s backstory – from HR generalist to digital media guru and exit [3:07]
  2. The commoditisation of the digital media industry [7:09]
  3. How technology is changing the digital media buying industry [11:57]
  4. The impact of incorrect measurements and data in media [14:21]
  5. The events that lead up to King James’ acquisition of Punk Media [18:49]
  6. Exit advice: tips for independent agency owners  [23:03]
  7. Defining “entrepreneurial spirit” [24:49]
  8. The evolving nature of a businesses culture [27:01]
  9. Insights into the competitive strategy of independent agencies [30:55]
  10. “The big agency cull has come and gone” [32:02]
  11. A potential future move by big brands [42:29]
  12. How the youth see the advertising industry [47:54]
  13. Why the youth want to achieve their own dreams and not the dreams of corporates [53:10]
  14. Rapid fire questions [1:03:04]
  15. Ryan’s why as an entrepreneur [1:09:10]

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